Last Update: 02.04.2015





And now an official update (after 5 years)...:

newVersion V1.07!!


My honest "thank you" goes to the following persons, who gave me tipps and/or crown-caps :-) :

Rudi Mende, Harald Gruber, Günther Engels, Elke and Carsten and Kamil Kaminski and Nils and Jürgen Thelen and Eckhard Lück!!!


What does Scan_KK do?

eg. Input file:

Output files:



Scan_KK can be used to cut out a fixed (but selectable) area from a scanned or photographed bitmap and to store it to harddisk.

I developed it, to get the crown cap pictures for my caps lists and my trading section on my homepage (Trading-Caps).

I put the crown caps on a scanner and save the pictures in the BMP-format. In my caps lists I had selected 180 x 180 Pixel a long

time ago. With normal graphics programs it is a fuzz to get always the same size cut, so I did Scan_KK :-)


First you do the setup (which will survive a program restart):

Than you load the bitmap of the eg. crown caps:

Do a double click with the left mouse button in the center of interest:

The selected picture (here in 180x180 pixel) is shown in a preview window (sharpened if selected).
You only have to enter a name (here "mongolian") (an automatic naming is possible too) and to press "Save"
(or hit the return key).

To show that the output picture is saved the save-button will be disabled (grayed-out). 

If the crown cap has not the correct orientation (happens easily putting them on the scanner), only click
with the left or right mouse button into the preview window, hold the button down and move the mouse.
With the pressed left mouse button the picture can be moved around, with the pressed
right mouse button the picture can be rotated clockwise (moving the mouse to the right)
or counterclockwise (moving the mouse to the left).
The mouse pointer changes to show, if the the movement-modus (Move) or the rotation-modus (Drehen) is active.

Holding down the key Ctrl uses different change values for movement and rotation.

With Ctrl-L, Ctrl-R or Ctrl-F one can rotate the picture by-90°, +90° or by 180°.

All key shortcuts are shown at the bottom of the main window.

After rotation and/or movement enter the name of the output picture or press "Save" or hit the return key.
You can repeatedly save the file without any question from the program, the saved version will be overwritten automatically.
But if you make a new double click, the program verifies, if the older version shall be overwritten.


Scan_KK is freeware (better: crown caps ware), but without any warranty and is provided "AS IS"!


History of changes: scan_kk_changelog

Changed correction mode!
The old mode can no longer be found in V1.07!

To load the setup file of the new version (V1.07) with the new correction mode,
please click here: setup_scan_kk_1_07.exe (about 5.6MB).

To load the setup file of the old version (V1.04) with the old correction mode,
please click here: setup_scan_kk_1_04.exe (about 3.2MB).

To take a look into the help file, please click here: English help file V1.07 (ca. 1,2MB).

Hint: after the download of the help file there is the possibillity that the content of it is not shown.
Please exit the help file, use the right mouse button in your file manager on the help file and select
"Properties". On the first
tab ("General") under "Security" press "Unblock". Now you can start the
help file again.


Run setup_scan_kk_1_07.exe on your PC and follow the advices.
Scan_KK in the installation directory and eg. press F1 to call the help.


Suggestions and bug reports are welcome under

and donations surely too :-) - and crown caps or mails, which tell me that Scan_KK is used.