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Hello dear Friends - Welcome!

 here it goes to: Crown Caps TOP 100


My small homepage - no big effects - but info's for crown caps collectors,

a small teaclock - Freewareprogram (T.W.U.S.), a tool to prepare caps pictures - scan_kk (here),

some links, some astro pictures - that's all (for the moment :-) ).


For caps trade please see the crown caps trading section (22.04.2022) => (Trading Caps )
(now with a better indication to the unused caps)

Please take a look, from which countries I like to have some caps ( => (Crown Caps)


Latest version of T.W.U.S.: V1.13 (Build 137) !!! (T.W.U.S.) German version only at the moment (sorry)!!

But I'm working on an updated version :-))


Here - short before christmas - a very, very long awaited heartly thank you to dear friends and colleagues,
who thougth of me during trips and journeys and brought lovely crown caps with them :

Thank you very much:

Annika, Angela, Elke, Gaston, Stephi, Pia, Meike, Holger K., Holger B., Joachim, Sabine S., Willi,
Sabine K., Stephan, Tobi, Dani, Andreas, Krischi, Krischan, Klaus K., Klaus O.,
Ronald, Eike, Daniel, Donald, Michael, Richard, Jan, Hammi, Thomas, Mathias, Horst, Uschi,
Max, Johannes, Stephan F., Rolf, Ole, Krzysztof, Anke, Carsten, Wolfgang, Marit, Hendrik
Peter, Karin, Günter, Michael P., Reiner, Clemens, Volker, Kerstin, Andreas St., Ulli M., Ulli S.,
Stephan O., Olli, Christian
, Gisela, Oli H. aus B., Dieter, Joachim B., Günter O., Jörg, Ilonka, Niko,
Karin Sch., Pascal, Volker, Rina, Michael M., Wilhelm, Heidrun, Lothar, Sören, Thomas K., Stefan E.,
Stefan Ob.
, Harald B., Simon B., Freia, Randolf, Kai R., Holger N., Ralf, Volker H., Olaf, Guido, Daniela, Lars,
David, Keno, Thorben, Wolfgang H., Markus

and all whom I forgot here



ATTENTION dear Crown Cap Collectors!!

The new Version newV1.0.11 of Scan_kk is ready :-)

For a easy "cutting out" and "rotation!!"of crown cap pictures!

now with scanner support and loading of Jpeg pictures!

For further information, screenshots and download please take a look at: Scan_kk

Hint: please take a look at the new trade caps ;-)



"Search-pictures" of unknown caps (help welcome) => (Crown Caps)

A warm thanks you to everybody for the help up to now :-) !!!


Hurray !!!

Over 32.586 (many thanks Art Z. for no. 10.000 and Udo for no. 12.000 and Guido for no. 13.000 and me for no. 15.000 and Andy for no. 16.000 and Holger for no. 17.000 and Eckhard for no. 18.000 and neighbor Michi for no. 19.000 (Klaus and Eike: it was a very close run, many thanks anyway!!) ;-) and Eike for no. 19.999 and Joachim B. for no. 20.000 and Joachim S., Sabine S. and Willi for Nr. 21.000 and Fabio for no. 22.000 and Victor for no. 23.000 and Wolfgang Sch. for no. 24.000 and Fabio for no. 25.000 and Fabio for no. 26.000 and some new countries and Benji for no. 27.000 and Dietmar for no. 28.000 and Jörg for no. 29.000 and Dietmar & Han for no. 30.000 (*) and Dietmar for no. 31.000 and Hubert for no. 32.000) Crown Caps from 186 countries in the collection,

a lot of work ...

(*) both packages arrived on the same day, so I could not decide ;-)

Rating T.W.U.S. today:

(the links go to the TWUS-pages (if possible))

3,4 of 5 points () at c't (Verlag Heise)

Ranking: at

9 of 10 points () at see under Büro => Verwaltung

User vote: Shareware Wertung 3,75 of 5 stars at Shareware

TWUS: 4,1 of 5 stars () at


finally 5 stars by editorial staff (and = Maximum = exemplary) and 78% by users at

finally good ((früher 1.0 )) at

finally shown at

finally shown at (T.W.U.S.)

finally (V1.09) 5.1 points (= very good) at (T.W.U.S.)

finally excellent (1.6) at

finally "very good" at (shut down)

finally User vote: okay at



"Stay tuned"

LaLa-Opa, Pony-Omi, Tick-Tack Omi, Tick-Tack-Opa and Hamburg-Opa and Fiete and Fienchen and Phiona

we will always remember you !!!!

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